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Get high-quality outputs from Language Models, faster.

Quartzite is an advanced prompt editor to get the most out of Language Models. Write complex prompts with ease, iterate, and compare quality of outputs.

The best AI Models in one app

Available models
logo of GPT-4 / 3.5

GPT-4 / 3.5

logo of Dall-E 3

Dall-E 3

logo of Gemini PRO

Gemini PRO

logo of Claude 3

Claude 3

logo of Command R+

Command R+

logo of Mistral


logo of OpenRouter


Advanced prompt editor

Easily craft complex prompts using Quartzite’s intuitive Markdown editor. Save drafts and submit prompts with ease.

Advanced prompt editor

Version history

Improve your prompts by experimenting with various iterations and model configurations, tracked seamlessly with version history.

Version history

No subscriptions

Save money with Quartzite’s pay-per-usage GPT pricing. Monitor expenses directly within the app.

No subscriptions

Build your Template repository

Say goodbye to repetitive prompts. Build and manage your template library or use our default one.

Build your Template repository

...and more

Image for Prompt Optimizer

Prompt Optimizer

Automatically apply the best Prompt Engineering practices to your prompts with AI. Try our free version.

Image for Variables & data

Variables & data

Quickly fill templates with variables or import CSV data for rapid creation of multiple versions.

Image for Data export

Data export

Download your prompts and outputs in various file formats for further use.

Still paying for ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus

Pay-per-usage API

via Quartzite AI

GPT-4 availability
🚦Capped use
🚀 No restrictions
Data used for training
🔐 Configurable, but affects feature availability
🔒 No (data is always private)
Data ownership
🏢 Stored on server
💻 Private (stored on your computer)
Model Settings
❌ Not available
✅ Available and configurable
$20 / Month (plus Taxes)
No fixed cost, depending on usage Estimate your costs with our calculator


Early Supporter - Lifetime Deal (limited offer)

Get the app at a lower price while it is still in beta (we're adding features and fixing the last bugs). Support the development and help shape the roadmap with us.

What's included

  • Lifetime deal - pay once, own forever
  • Access to the Discord community
  • 30 days dedicated support
  • 14-day money back guarantee

Pay once, own it forever



(Price increasing in May)

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14-day money back guarantee

What our users say about Quartzite

"Using the API-powered Quartzite, my API usage is much lower than the monthly cost of the flagship AI products. Quartzite basically paid for itself already in the first month. The extra prompting tools that Quartzite provides on top of this huge benefit is the icing on the cake."

Phil V.

Full-Stack Developer


What is the “Lifetime Deal”?

We're offering the opportunity to purchase Quartzite AI at a significant discount while it's still in development. Your purchase will support the ongoing development efforts of our independent team. In return, you'll get lifetime access to the full app and all future updates. See the Terms & Conditions for more details.

What's an "API key"? Do I need one?

An API key is a code (similar to a password) that allows you to interact with some AI models. For example, with the OpenAI API key, you can interact with GPT-4 in other apps, such as Quartzite. With an API key, you pay only for your usage of the AI, rather than paying for a subscription. Doing this usually results in lower costs compared to paying for tools such as ChatGPT Plus (we personally spend less than $2-3/month for our usage). If all of this is new to you, don't worry - we have some guides on how to get the API key, and we'll be happy to support you if you need assistance.

How is my data handled?

Quartzite AI communicates directly with OpenAI, and your data is stored locally in your browser, ensuring your privacy (even we don't have access to it).

How is this different from ChatGPT and OpenAI playground?

First of all, Quartzite AI gives you access to other 3rd-party models, some of which have large free tiers (e.g. Google's Gemini PRO). Additionally, Quartzite AI offers a range of features not available in ChatGPT, including templates, version comparison, markdown editor, variables, and more. We believe these significantly enhance productivity and output quality.

How does the 14-day money back guarantee work?

If you're not satisfied with the app, you have 14 days to request a full refund. No questions asked, and we'll return your money immediately.