2. Getting Started
2.3. Using templates

Creating and reusing templates

Quartzite allows you to create some templates for your prompts, in order to speed up your repetitive tasks. Let's go through the process:

1. Creating a template

First of all, you will need to create the base of the prompt you want to make into a template.

You could start by defining a system prompt to tell the model how the model should behave (this is totally optional - but useful to explain how templates work). To do so, first, let's switch on this setting:

Enable the system prompt in the side panel

Then let's add our system prompt, and our prompt as the user message, for example:

Add system and user prompt in the editor.

Notice how, in the user message, we added some information in square brackets. This is currently a placeholder, reminding us to fill it in when we decide to use the template (in the next steps).

2. Save the template

To save the template, let's click on the "Save template" in the bottom bar.

Find the "save template" button in the bottom bar

Then let's give it an appropriate name, and click "Create".

Give it a name and click save

3. Using a template

We are now ready to use the template! In order to test if the template is correctly saved, let's first clear the chat by clicking the "Clear chat" button in the bottom bar. Then, next to it, you will find the "Load template" button. By clicking on it, the Template selection modal will open, where you should see your new template.

Load the template via the modal

When you click on it, it should load it into the current chat. Now you are ready to swap the placeholder text in the square brackets with the desired values.

By saving your templates to Quartzite, you can significantly save time by avoiding re-writing your prompts every time.