OpenAI price calculator (API cost for GPT-3.5 and GPT-4)

Estimate the cost of your GPT usage via API and find out whether it's cheaper to pay for ChatGPT Plus or use it via the API.

We can all agree that ChatGPT is amazing: from generating ideas, writing and correcting text, planning in-depth strategies, and more. It's great that it's possible to access the basic version of chatGPT for free but, if you want more control and a smarter assistant, it's worth considering upgrading to access GPT-4 Turbo (OpenAI's latest and most powerful model). If you're planning to do so, you might be wondering: is it better to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus ($20/month plus taxes) or access it via the APIs?

The answer is: it depends! For many, accessing GPT-4 Turbo via the API (with an app like Quartzite) is a considerably cheaper option, as the cost is determined by the prompt length (calculated in tokens). This also allows you to access more tools (such as creating templates or accessing the model's settings), which is currently not possible via the ChatGPT interface.

However, if you do use GPT-4 Turbo extensively and with a long prompt length, the ChatGPT Pro subscription might be worth it (although keep in mind that with ChatGPT there are usage limits to GPT-4). Find out what's best for you based on your usage below!

How often do you use ChatGPT?

I have approximately

conversations every

What kind of interactions do you have on average?

I have mostly

exchanges with ChatGPT.

  • “Short” if your ChatGPT chats consist of short conversations with max 1-2 follow-ups. (Approx. 1000 Tokens / 750 words for each chat)
  • “Medium” if you ask detailed questions that require long answers and follow-ups, or occasionally ask to generate blog posts or articles. (Approx. 12k Tokens / 9k words for each chat)
  • “Long” if you mostly ask ChatGPT to produce very long texts, or you ask complex prompts with many follow-ups questions. (Approx. 21k Tokens / 17k words for each chat)

How often do you use GPT-4? (Compared to GPT-3.5)

How often do you upload images or videos to analyze?

I upload approximately

files every

How often to you ask ChatGPT to generate images? (e.g. with Dall-E)

I generate approximately

images every

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